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Thank you for purchasing your new CMS 60FW from Medical Test Supply. The new CMS 60FW pulse oximeter with Bluetooth offers many advanced features and MTS would like to pass on some of our experience and a few tips to get you acclimated. Below are some tips regarding common questions we receive:

-The 60FW can connect to your computer wirelessly or by USB cable. Only connect via Bluetooth or USB cable. If you desire to switch connection type close SpO2 Assistant and re-start the software using other desired type of connection.

-You can set a custom “user id” to identify your device. This will identify the device, not the user data.

-To set and identify individual user data you'll need to edit that upon importing the data to SpO2 Assistant by selecting Options\User Information. Here you can enter specific descriptions for the recorded data set.

-To synchronize the time on the 60FW with your pc first make sure you have a connection between the two. Once connected, select Options\Synchronize Device Time. This will set the 60FW to your pc's current time.

-If you do not select Download Stored Data upon initial connection to the device you can select File\Device Stored Data and then select the stored data to import.

-Make sure you've paired the device with your pc using the 7762 pairing code.

-It is possible to charge and power the 60FW via USB connection to the wall charger adapter while transferring data via Bluetooth.

-The 60FW will work with Mac products running Windows. MTS has confirmed USB and Bluetooth connections to Apple products running Windows 7 via Parallels 7 and Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion does not natively share the Bluetooth capabilities through Parallels 7 and Windows 7 but manipulating AppleBT64.inf and reinstalling the driver enables the Bluetooth connection to SpO2 Assistant running in Windows 7. If you are somewhat computer savvy a trip to the following website will guide you:

Email regarding any further tech questions.