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MedQuip BP2400/2600 Cuff Alignment

The circle with a line passing through it on the inside of the cuff is the “Artery Mark”. It should be placed over the Brachial Artery for proper reading from the BP monitor. In addition, the cuff should be placed approximately ¼ to 1¼ inches above the elbow.

Opposite the “Artery Mark” are two white lines designating the minimum and maximum size when fit on the arm. A correctly sized cuff's “Index” line should fall between the two lines pictured when fit to the patient.

With the “Artery Mark” aligned, close the cuff and check to see that the “Index Line” falls within the “Min / Max” range marked on the inside of the cuff. This insures that the proper size cuff for the patient's arm is being used.

When in place, the correct size cuff and cuff position are determined by the “Artery Mark” aligning with your Brachial Artery and the “Index” line falling between the two vertical marks indicating “OK”.