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Finger Pulse Oximeters

Finger Pulse Oximeters are an affordable, portable option for users who are on the go. Compact and easy to use, finger pulse oximeters feature easy-to-read displays and are available in adult and child sizes. Some models offer 24-hour Flash memory to take readings overnight.

All Pulse Oximeters provided by MTS are FDA Approved

Need Help Choosing a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter? Please watch this 5 minute Video. It provides a fast overview of each device.

  • Red LED – This bright numerical display provides great contrast in day and night time conditions.
  • OLED – (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) displays provide deep contrast in all lighting conditions. They do not require back-lighting and thus conserve battery power for the oximeter. Great in low ambient lighting conditions with a high display resolution.
  • Full Color TFT – Large 1.36” high resolution display (128X96). This 65K OLED color display provides the ultimate in resolution, contrast, color density and functionally.

Display Orientation
  • Number or viewer angles selectable buy the user. This a useful option when reading your own oximetery data or when someone else is trying to read your information from a different prospective or angle.

  • “AAA” - Most units operate with 2 AAA batteries. Some manufactures include these with your purchase. Battery life is typically 30-40 hour of operation.
  • Rechargeable – Unit includes a Lithium battery that is recharged with a wall charger or with a USB connection to a PC. Unit will typically operate 30 hours on a full charge.

  • Pre-Set – The oximeter will sound an alarm when the user SPO2 or Pulse Rate move out of a pre-determined range. The Prince-100B3 alarm range is set at 90% SPO2 or lower and pulse rates of 120BPM or higher / 50BPM or lower.
  • Programmable – Extremely useful in monitoring specific SPO2 and Pulse Rates the user wants to select. These audible alarms will warn of SPO2 or Pulse Rates above or below the user setting.

  • Medical Test Supply provides factory warranty repair or replacement of these pulse oximeters.

Flash Memory
  • One of the most requested functions; these oximeters record your SPO2 & Pulse Rate. Oximetry data can be uploaded to a PC and used to generate reports for review with your physician. Included software provides for user specific parameter highlighting aiding in data analyzes.

Anti-Motion Technology
  • A pulse oximeter is subject to disrupted blood flow when large movements of the sensor target area (finger in most cases) are experienced. This causes erroneous readings until the target area stop's moving and the blood flow again stabilizes. Walking, running and most exercise can impact short term oximeter readings for this reason. Anti-Motion Technology greatly reduces disruption of oximetery data. MTS highly recommends this technology for anyone interested in having accurate data during activities as listed above.

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