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Recent Comments from MTS Customer

"I am happy overall with this device. I believe that the +-2% SpO2 accuracy is correct in general, but I believe I am able to increase that by trying different positions and fingers and comparing with readings on another oximeter. It is very easy to download data with USB or Bluetooth, and the charts and reports are very professional in the software provided. Charging is very easy connected to USB or home outlet. 24 hour data recording is fulfilled accurately. The alarms for SpO2 saturation and pulse rate are very practical, with full adjustability of settings in the wrist monitor's very user friendly menu screens. This unit has proved useful in waking the patient by its alarm when the oxygen saturation fell below the setting value, and so allowed patient to increase activity and raise the value to shut off the alarm. So, I believe sporadic episodes of apnea can be effectively managed without continuous oxygen maintenance at this time." A.L. 12/29/2016 (CMS-50FW Wrist Pulse Oximeter)

"I purchased this sensor for use with a CMS50E. The price was less than 1/2 of others, it was shipped fast and arrived within a couple days. The cord is long and the finger clip comfortable. Works well." K.M. 11/6/2016 (CMS-50E Remote Sensor)

"The unit works very well. The lightweight finger adapter cannot be found elsewhere and works very well in concert with the oximeter itself. I called them to ask a few questions and received a prompt call back from "Guy" who was very knowledgeable about the product. Highly unusual to get a call back much less to speak to someone who actually knows something about the product. Very good experience." N.B. 9/9/2016 (CMS-50D Plus with remote sensor)

"Great product and service .Shipped and arrived quickly .Great price . Used it right away .Good small compact size . Does the job it's supposed to do ,easy to figure out the settings .Easy to understand the data.24 hr data recording is all you need . Thank you Medical Test Supply." O.C. 9/5/2016 (CMS-50D Plus with remote sensor)

"Personal service from the Medical Test Supply Company was excellent. The pulse oximeter works as advertised and I am well satisfied with it. My only complaint is with the user manuals for the oximeter and the accompanying software. Both are poorly done, especially the one for the oximeter, because they are written in somewhat garbled English (thanks to the Chinese manufacturer) and they also leave out many important, often basic, instructions that the user therefore has to discover through trial and error." J. H. 7/26/2016 (CMS-50F Wrist Pulse Oximeter)

"Works as it should. I had trouble with software. I called and the rep spent 2 hours helping. A-1 service !!" C. N. 7/13/2016 (Prince 180B EKG Monitor)

"Haven't had time to evaluate the full benefits of the device but a real nice addition to my motoring of my wife with lung cancer & full time use of oxygen at various levels. Very nice for night time sleep & so nice to rest assured that if any drop happens it will alarm letting us have a more comfortable sleep without the constant worry & checking often." H.K. 6/29/2016 (CMS-50FW Wrist Pulse Oximeter)

"Terrific service. My order was posted the same day and arrived as promised. The desktop nebulizer works great so far. I'll be back!" G.H. 6/22/2016 (MQ5700 Nebulizer)

"I received a lot of helpful information on the phone .They were very friendly and my items arrived VERY fast .I would definitely recommend." S.T. 6/22/2016 (CMS-50D Plus with remote sensor)

"Sensor works great for overnight studies. Shipping was impressively fast. Thanks." T.S. 6/15/2016 (CMS-50FW Disposable Sensor)

"Received product very quickly.I am very impressed and will not hesitate to order from them again. Oximeter works great with Sleepyhead software. Thanks." T.S. 6/3/2016 (CMS-50D Plus with Remote Sensor)

"Included in the packaging were very helpful notes about how to set up the device. Customer service reps are very professional and helpful. Device works great and allows us to record our son's O2 sats overnight much more accurately than is shown on the typical home pulse oximeter. Oximeter reports the software produces are great as well." M.D. 5/25/2016 (CMS-50FW Wrist Oximeter)

"I'm extremely satisfied with this product. It does what it says." 5/17/2016 (CMS-50D Plus with Remote Sensor)

"We purchased a Prince 100 oximeter. We use it daily. We are retired professors with a strong technology background. We have since purchased two additional Prince 100's for friends. These are amazing devices. Their alarms are fantastic and they can save your life. Our experience with customer service is that they treat you like family. We are also retired Air Force and have had the best possible experience with getting answers to questions and suggestions. We are waiting for their newest product!!!! Trust them. These folks are great!!!" R.M. 5/17/2016 (Prince-100H Wrist Oximeter)

"The Oximeter arrived promptly as appears to well constructed mechanically and electronically. The only weakness I've discovered is that the manual is written in Chinglish, and that in very small print. Fortunately, MTS also included a brief sheet of instructions that covered the essential aspects of operations that were somewhat vague in the pseudo-English version. Thus, so far, it's doing its job well" 5/10/2016 (CMS-50D Plus with Remote Sensor)

"The seller has the best and fastest shipping that I have seen in a long time. I recommend them to everyone who asks." R.M. 4/26/2016 (Prince-100H Wrist Oximeter)

"Unit works well. Delivery fast. Good price. Helpful and cooperative company." 4/23/2016 (MD100E ECG Monitor)

"This was purchased for use by a woman 5'2" of average weight, and typically described as petite. The unit had a tendency not to register her fingers, and often beeps that the finger is out even when it is in place and being held still. It worked better on her thumb. The unit did not have this problem on male fingers. Overall, an excellent product. Even getting the recording software setup wasn't too difficult. Service was fast and efficient. Would order from this company again without hesitation." K.D. 4/16/2016 (CMS-50D Plus Finger Oximeter)

"Delivery was fast and the product is performing as expected. Would buy again from MTS if more medical test supplies are needed." 4/15/2016 (CMS-50D Plus with Remote Sensor)

"Enjoyable shopping experience. Have already recommended the product and MTS." 4/12/2016 (Prince-100H Wrist Oximeter)

"I prefer this device over the cms50 except for the batteries. But it is much more user friendly and worked right away. Thanks for all your kind help and great customer service!" 3/24/2016 (Prince-100H Wrist Oximeter)

"Ordered one and was so satisfied with it that I ordered another to keep in my upstairs bedroom." L.S. 3/20/2016 (MQ5700 Nebulizer)

"I purchased the Prince 100H Wrist Pulse Oximeter from MTS Medical Test Supply because of their outstanding customer service. They promptly returned my phone calls and explained the difference between this product and others. I'm totally satisfied with my purchase." Andy 3/1/2016 (Prince-100H Wrist Oximeter)

"This is easy to use and set up is a breeze too. Your price is great. My intention was to use this to monitor O2 levels after taking blood thinners so my doctor could see the need to adjust levels properly for someone that has emphysema versus a normal breather. Normal "book recommended" data has to be reconciled with the patients conditions and adjusted to avoid a bad overall result. This unit will definitely help me show him this. Thanks." G.A. 2/29/2016 (CMS-50D Plus Oximeter)

"Device was as advertised and worked a treat. Software easy to install an use. Ordered mid-day and it shipped the same day and I had it in two days. Great experience all the way through." CM 2/21/2016 (Princ-100H Wrist Oximeter)

"I've been consistently pleased with your quick, professional, and helpful service. You might want to know that I ordered the sensor last Sunday and only received it today ( the following Saturday)." ME (Prince-100H Adult Sensor)

"Sensor does not work well on active preemie babies less than 6 lbs. Had to order disposable sensor and is working well. The infant sensor is well made and worked on wrist until the baby began to move arms. We could not keep sensor in place and alarm kept sounding. MTS worked well with us to resolve the issues. Thanks" 1/23/2016 (Infant SPO2 Sensor)

"Ordered monitor for preemie grandson since local oxygen supply could not supply monitor with alarm. monitor is working well and has an excellent display". 1/22/2016 (CMS-60C Handheld Pulse Oximeter)

"Sensor does not work well on active preemie babies less than 6 lbs. Had to order disposable sensor and is working well. The infant sensor is well made and worked on wrist until the baby began to move arms. We could not keep sensor in place and alarm kept sounding. MTS worked well with us to resolve the issues. Thanks" 1/22/2016 (CMS-60C Infant Sensor)

"Great Oximeter. Thanks for your help". J Merrill 1/16/2016 (Prince-100C1 Finger Oximeter)

"Tried to order a MQ0060 NEBJET KIT. Was disappointed to find they are no longer available. I still have one MQ0060 kit in service, I will form an opinion on the MQ0050 after using it". Mike 1/3/2016 (MQ0050 Adult Nebulizer Kit)

"I have had issues using my CPAP machine that I didn't understand until now. I had no idea that my O2 and my pulse dropped so much when I was sleeping. I had to reset the alarm settings to 40 on the pulse and 75 on the O2. and yet the alarm still goes off. Can't Waite to see what my doctor has to say about this.
This is a great little machine, I love it. The manual though could be written a little better, it is hard to understand some of it" George 12/31/2015 (CMS-50F Wrist Oximeter)

"Both the shopping experience, on time delivery etc, and a great product. Software loaded fine, data via USB transfers with out a hitch. It does go thru 2 AAA a batteries in about a day. However I prefer that,for this device, to a built in rechargeable battery". Ted 12/27/2015 (Prince 100H Wrist Pulse Oximeter)

"I bought a Medquip MQ 5700 nebulizer before and it worked well. So I had no issue with purchasing another. This one is very quiet and I am very familiar with it's operation and care. My only complaint is that I paid for a 2 day delivery and it took 6 days to arrive, fortunately my older nebulizer hung in there until it arrived." Craig 12/12/2015 (MQ5700 Nebulizer)
MTS Reponse: The shipment was made within 24 hours of order placement - USPS did not preform.

"I just received my CMS 60C pulse oximeter. The shipping was fast, it arrived from the US to Canada in less than a week and the product works well so far. I was most impressed by the personal touch from the company. I had called to inquire about the product, didn't get through, didn't leave a message, but someone (I forgot his name!) called me right back and spent time explaining the product in detail. So far, I have had a very nice experience. I would buy from them again." Monica 12/9/2015 (CMS-60C handheld pulse oximeter)

"Excellent product. Easy to use and performs as expected." RB 12/01/2015 (CMS-50D Plus Finger Pulse Oximeter)

"I love this device ... It is doing what my Pulmanologist "planned" to do but their System SW upgrade got"too expensive" & he told me "we don't need it with all the other test data. I have checked your product (eyeball estimates only; no hard data) with 3 other local Dr's office systems. Yours appears at least as accurate. I am a Systems Engineer and have developed a personal database manager + statistics package around your CSV file dumps. THANKS" BB 12/01/2015 (CMS-50D Plus with remote sensor)

"It takes around 15-20 seconds (best case) to give you the first readout. That is the worst performance I've ever seen, and is unacceptably poor. Plus the rubber light "boot" is not grippy at all, so the pulse ox tends to slip off your finger. I constantly have to fuss with it. I'd send it back, but I thought "what could go wrong?", and so didn't keep the box. My bad." M 11/25/2015 (CMS-50D Finger Pulse Oximeter)

"I got exactly what I wanted, it was shipped quickly and well packaged. Perfect transaction!" JS 11/24/2015 (Disposable pediatric SPO2 sensor)

"I appreciated the cheerful, helpful attitude of the representative that assisted me in filling my order. The delivery was prompt. I will assuredly be a return customer." 11/23/2015 (MQ5800 Nebulizer)

"Purchased a Prince 100H and found it is an excellent product. MTS are very knowledgeable people, and fast shipping." JM 11/08/2015 (Prince-100H Wrist Pulse Oximeter)

”This was my first purchase of a personal medical device like this, and the customer service representative from MTS answered all my questions about this product versus a competing brand. He was very knowledgeable and insightful, and my decision was ultimately based on ease of use. I have used the product for a couple of days now, and it couldn't be much easier to use. This goes both the device itself, and the accompanying software.” 10/28/2015 (Prince-100H Wrist Pulse Oximeter)

“Perfect product for pediatric office. Great price!” Christine 10/26/2015 (CMS-08APRO Blood Pressure Monitor Bundle)

“I found the software difficult to figure out and there were no instructions. Once I got it working, though it has given good results.” R.R. 10/26/2015 (CMS-50F Wrist Pulse Oximeter)

“Product received quickly and appears to function well. The software is easy to install and use. However, I haven't figured out what the Red Hart in the software is for just yet. In my opinion the unit is worth every cent I paid for it.” J.M. 10/23/2015 (CMS-50D Plus with remote sensor)

“Medical test supply was a pleasure to work with. I found the website easy to navigate. Easy ordering and I received my pulse oximeter way ahead of schedule. And free shipping to boot. It was the best deal I could find on the internet and I am very pleased with my purchase.” Mona 9/29/2015 (CMS-50D Plus Pulse Oximeter)

“Very pleased. Great price, fast shipping and reasonable shipping cost.” G.P. 9/29/2015 (MQ5300 Portable Nebulizer)

“got it on time, works ok a little puzzling, but when called for help on setting up data download, I got the help I needed..” G.P. 9/26/2015 (CMS-50D Plus with remote sensor pulse oximeter)

“We were looking for a pulse oximeter that would be appropriate to use for a 24 hour recording. Looking at the MTS site we found one that was specially cost-effective, functional and reliable. It was extremely easy to order even with editing the order and the products came just a few days later.” 9/25/2015 (CMS-50D Plus Pulse Oximeter)

“The case that came with our pulse oximeter was very flimsy. This case has the zipper closure to keep the device safe from falling out accidentally and fits nicely on my husband's belt. Very pleased with how quickly the case arrived also. Thanks.” S.W. 9/23/2015 (Oximeter Case)
“I have not received my order. At one time my tracking said it was in Alaska?????” J.S. 9/22/2015 (Prince-100C1 Pulse Oximeter)
MTS Response: This customer called the same day of this comment and we sent the second product to insure they received the device. The first product then arrived two days late. The customer then returned the second product. “Great service and super fast shipping.” D.W. 9/21/2015 (CMS-50D Plus Pulse Oximeter)

“Thank you very much for providing a USA shipping with wonderful customer care and attention to special requests. The product meets my needs and expectations. Thank you.” 9/17/2015 (CMS-50F Wrist Pulse Oximeter)

“Very happy with my purchase. Excellent service.!!! “ O. S. 9/2/2015 (ADC5215 diagnostic set)

“I can see many reasons why these are better than a non recording device and it works very well, except, just as others have said, I can't get the info to go to my computer where I can find it. Once I get that then this little device will be important on a daily basis.” Beverly 8/3/2015 (CMS-50D Plus Pulse Oximeter)

“Oximeter seems to work fine, but I have not yet used the remote sensor overnite. I wish the remote sensor was smaller.” 8/3/2015 (CMS-50D Plus with remote sensor Pulse Oximeter)

“My blood pressure monitor is very easy to use. I had some questions prior to buying it and Guy from MTS called me right away and was very helpful and knowledgeable about the product. He also gave me helpful hints to use with the product. Thanks!” Karen 7/23/2015 (CMS-08APED Pediatric Blood Pressure Monitor)
"Works fine but alarm is of such a high frequency, it must be held close to the ear for us baby boomers who have lost some hearing in that frequency range. Thus not useful." E.R. 7/14/2015 (CMS-50D Plus Pulse Oximeter)

"The pulse oximeter is working nicely, and I appreciate the excellent pre-purchase information and speedy shipping!" G.B. 6/23/2015 (CMS-50FW Wrist Pulse Oximeter)

"I bought a nebulizer at Dr. Azar's for $160 plus tax and then found it online at MTS for about $35, with next day delivery for $7.50. Great deal and exactly the same model as the one I'd purchased for almost five times more at Dr. Azar's (which I returned). I'd shop at MTS again." W.M. 6/15/2015 (MQ5800 Nebulizer)

"I need a phone number that I can get help with this problem. The o2 and pulse works excellent.Thank You" G.S. 6/2/2015 (CMS-50D Plus Pulse Oximeter)
MTS Response: We called the customer and work with them to a sucessful conclusion.

"Compared to other units on the market, this unit is on the higher end. Finger sensor seems to equal very expensive medical grade units. If you want an accurate unit that records, at a reasonable price, then this is the unit to get. Complaints: The user interface is clunky and some functions do not work. Naming, transferring, and deleting data files are my biggest complaint. Just needed to develop a work around. Still not a bad unit for the cost. My experience with MTS was good. Item Shipped quickly. I had no problems and would recommend them." 6/1/2015 (CMS-50FW Wrist Oximeter)

"I needed pulse oximeter that for my 5 month old son that was not available in my area for less than $600 and not covered by insurance. I found one on this site for $139. The rep I spoke with immediately admitted that she did not know much about the device and the person I needed had just left the office. She said she would send him a message and he would call. Within 10 minutes, the rep called me back from his PERSONAL cell phone and answered all of my questions with patience and knowledge. Upon review of my completed order I realized I had ordered the wrong size sensor...I called back and she happily changed my order. My package shipped immediately and I received the meter in two days and it has worked beautifully ever since!! This company is amazing and I recommend that anyone needing medical equipment use them!! I thank this company profusely for its kind and speedy service! I have piece of mind knowing that I have a quality product to monitor my baby's oxygen level." R.B. 5/26/2014 (CMS-60C Handheld Pulse Oximeter)

"Everything went very well, it all happened as expected, service was excellent, thank you." JW 5/11/2015 (CMS-50D Plus Finger Pulse Oximeter)

"Called the firm before ordering a recording pulse oximeter to be sure to get what I needed, and rec'd great product info. After receiving the product, I called for help with operation, and again rec'd great assistance. Actually if I'd carefully read the excellent directions, I wouldn't have needed to call.... Good firm to deal with." 5/5/2015 (CMS-50D Plus with Remote Sensor)

"Very timely delivery and very professional service" EH 5/5/2015 (CMS-50D Finger Pulse Oximeter)

"It is so refreshing to get great service - especially on the internet! I ordered a part for a nebulizer (which I had a great deal of difficulty finding prior to this site) and was contacted almost immediately because the part ordered would not have fit the machine. They had already swapped for the correct part, credited my account for the $2.00 difference and shipped the part. It arrived quickly and fit perfectly. Thanks so much!" SG 4/29/2015 (MQ0387 Nebulizer)

"MTS was right choice,& now that we've had it for a week,I'd say this Oximeter was right choice too. CMS50IW: did a lot of looking;chose 50I for mult record sessions w/o having to download daily. GOOD choice!Buttons are a bit of a pain,& menus basic,but it does exactly what you need,& no other oximeter compares.S/W that comes with it is OK,but no trending,so I'd recommend sleepyhead even if you dont use a CPAP.Current version reads CMS50I data,& future versions add bluetooth for new functionality. Buying from MTS: We needed it quickly,& wanted the CMS50FW,which is difficult to find in US.MTS was one of few places that had it,& offered fast process/delivery.Ordered late sunday & had it by noon Wed (2.5 days)!Price was bit higher than from China,but China was a 3-4 week wait. It was worth the extra $$.When it arrived,looked like wrong unit & I was afraid to open it (but wasnt; was just mfr's dopey labeling).MTS told me immediately the deal; think i'd have been out-of-luck w/ China." Steve 4/27/2015 (CMS-50IW Wrist Pulse Oximeter)

"I am very well pleased with the product. The service at MTS has been exceptional." 4/10/2015 (MQ3200 Figure Pulse Oximeter)

"I am glad you carried these filters in stock. You were the only company that had them. Couldn't find them anywhere else. Your representative was extremely helpful over the phone. Will definitely do business with you again." JM 3/23/2015 (MQ92692 Nebulizer Filters)

"Appears the product will work, got here fast and meets the requirements." DS 3/19/2015 (MQ3500 Pediatric Pulse Oximeter)

"It was easy to find just what I wanted on the website and the shipment arrived very quickly. The monitor is easy to use, and I am very pleased with it." S.S. 3/8/2015 (UA-774AC Blood Pressure Monitor )

"This medical quality wrist pulse oximeter does everything it is advertised to do. Downloading data is effortless, after you install or download the correct SPO2 Assistant software. VERY quick shipping from MTS via USPS. Highly recommend both product and supplier." Lisa 3/8/2015 ( CMS-50IW Wrist Pulse Oximeter)

"There were quality issues with the first unit. Guy was quick to address my every concern. When he was unavailable, Jane was equally attentive. Guy even came in on the weekend to resolve my problem. A replacement unit was sent immediately, and returning the defective part was simple(and FREE). The MQ5800 is quieter, faster and significantly less expensive than my original nebulizer. I give you folks 'kudos' for the personal, professional and friendly customer service you provide. By making certain I was satisfied, you have made me an MTS customer for life. Thank you very much."
LDJ 2/23/2015 ( MQ5800 Nebulizer )

"Got this as a replacement for my first MQ5800 but it seems the quality has dropped a bit. Mouthpiece and tubing is a little flimsy and the machine doesn't seem to put out as much air as the first one." B.Y. 2/2/2015 ( MQ5800 Nebulizer )

"Shipping was very fast, but the device seal was broken off and medical test supply had put one of theirs on it, I could tell it was someones return with all the fingerprints on the face of the unit, I have tested it out and it does work, the finger probe falls off in the middle of the night so I had to put tape around it, the cms50d cable comes loose several times at night so I have to figure out how to secure that one. Will make your finger sore using every night so have to change fingers, Wish it had a place for a memory card so I would not have to download data every month.Unit and works well with sleepyhead software running windows, has several issues running on a mac,over all good unit, maybe should of spent a little more money and bought the hand held unit.
MTS Comment: Yes the device was checked to insure it would operate with the remote sensor. They all do not. It should have been cleaned better before shipment.
MTS Comment: Taping the wire from the remote sensor to the top of your hand is common practice. It will help with maintaining the sensor position overnight without influencing the oximeter readings.
MTS Comment: We are reviewing the Oximeter operation when uploading to Mac OS. Within the next week a new "help" sheet for Mac users should be available." Michael 1/24/2015 ( CMS-50D+ with Remote Sensor )

"My great grandson has high blood pressure and we wanted a BP monitor that would work on an infant, after researching and finding the right machine, which has exceeded expectations. I researched where to buy it, well MTS came through with OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT EXCEEDED EVERY EXPECTATION. I value customer service as one reason to repeat shop a retailer and MTS has my family and I for life as customers. THANK YOU again for your immediate response to numerous emails with questions regarding the product and ALWAYS going the extra mile!!" A Great Grandma 1/25/2015 ( CMS-08A Blood Pressure monitor )

"Web site was clear and informative. Shipping was fast. Extra MTS instructions provided with device were very helpful. Combination of device and remote sensor was unique to MTS. Price was better than most, and I'd rather buy from a company like this than just find the absolute cheapest place." J.H. 1/24/2015 J.H. ( CMS-50D+ with Remote Sensor )

"I have been disappointed that the oximeter requires frequent battery replacement. Otherwise I have been very pleased with it and the associated software. The remote finger sensor did not work well for me." R.M. 1/13/2015 ( CMS-50D+ with Remote Sensor )

"Pleased with the ordering process and the way the sales person was concerned over an ordering issue. Problem was solved and we received our item in two days. Very pleased with purchase. Thanks" S.R. 1/12/2015 S.R. ( CMS-50D+ with Remote Sensor )

"After some research I ordered the CMS 50D Plus Oximeter with Remote Sensor from MTS LLC. When I called them, "Guy" was very helpful. He gave me valuable information on all my choices. With free shipping I received the item in two days. It was well packaged. The device works great. The software CD installs two instances of the graphing software. One lets you see the data live on the PC and the other one is used to download the data from the 24 hour memory after an overnight recording. I tried the first one and it works great. I would like to add that it was a pleasure working with a company that has such a nice human contact instead of trying to deal with other web stores with a bunch of menus on the phone and never to get to talk to a person. Even after I got the item, I had a question and he called right back and helped me on a minor issue. Based on my experience, a friend of mine is also going to order one of these from MTS. Two thumbs up." M.A. 1/12/2015 ( CMS-50D+ with Remote Sensor )